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Adrenaline Adventure Park       

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Our massive field is one of the best developed and most professional parks in the country, located just minutes west of London, Ontario. Private group play, kids birthday parties and Huge Mega Games.. Something for everyone.
Safe, Exciting and fun with Upfront pricing structures that will make your adventure both fun and affordable.

 Simple FAQ’s we know you want to ask after this sample vidio


1 Does it Hurt…? It can, but not like you think, we use the highest quality paint, the best quality equipment, all the games are monitored and every marker is tested and adjusted to a safe rate.. 10 year old girls and boys have their parties here every week.. and they all leave happy 🙂

2. Is there space for us?  YES. calling  ahead is always best. To play privately with your group simply make a reservation. (  8 or more)

3. Are we going to get destroyed by the pro’s?  No!!, they don’t play at the same time as you will be.

4. Does paintball stain NO.  just wear your play clothes we have a change room.

5 What does it cost……….???   Well, we have an up front attitude to paintball pricing. most people need to spend 50 dollars or more to get the most out of their experience.   We have packages from $20 to $80 and we offer Bulk pricing for owners and Big shooters..   You get to choose CHEAP admission or CHEAP PAINT,, whatever is better for you

What do balls cost ? Don’t paintball fields charge ridiculous prices for your balls?       Good question……  We are UPFRONT about what it costs to play….Remember that part of the cost of the ball includes Air- the Host- use of the equipment- and the cost of the field.    the more you shoot the more of the costs have to be included. Balls range from $8.85/100 to $60/2000 (Ultimate Admission).  You choose if you want cheap admission or cheap paint..   Most people find that the Adventure Package is the best for them…